Aesthetics Treatments  

Relax, Renew, Revitalize

The body, as well as the face, needs attentive care and pampering. Help your skin retain a firm, youthful and smooth appearance with our specialty facials. With so many options to choose from, Kneady by Nature Massage and Spa has something for everyone.

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Derma Glo-360
Normal Skin 

This rejuvenating treatment begins with dermaplaning the skin to remove dead skin cells and is then followed up with nanotechnology to infuse Hyaluronic Acid and or Growth Factor serum into the skin. • Hyaluronic Acid is excellent for hydration. • Growth Factor is used to plump, hydrate, and increase collagen production


75 minutes $125

Peptide Hydrating Treatment (Dry Skin)

Perfect for super dry skin! Start with dermaplane to remove dead skin cells, followed by the Addition of growth factor solution to the skin. Next, we apply a Peptide Enzyme Mask to soothe And hydrate thirsty skin!


75 min $125

Pore Tightening Treatment (Clients with large pores)

This specially designed treatment centers around tightening the appearance of large pores. We start with a dermaplaning treatment to remove the dead skin and vellus facial hair. Next the Application of a pore-tightening mask followed by a cooling Zinc mask using nanotechnology to drive the ingredients into the skin.


75 min $125

Derma Glo-360 Plus
Normal & Aging Skin

This is the Derma Glo-360 ENHANCED! After dermaplaning and using nanotechnology to Infuse the plumping and hydrating serums, we apply a lace mask soaked in O2 serum to help restore needed hydration and to aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. This added moisture is especially vital during change-of-seasons.


90 min $145

Relaxing Facial
Purifying Treatment
(Acne & Rosacea)

This treatment begins with dermaplaning to remove the dead skin and hair that can cause acne bacteria buildup. This healing and skin-calming treatment specialize in using detoxifying and purifying products to help draw impurities up and out of the skin. This is followed by the application of Zinc (which has strong Anti-inflammatory properties) to calm and soothe the skin using nanotechnology. We finish with Acne and Rosacea Calming Cream.

60 min $115

360 Opti Resurfacing
(All Skin Types except Acne) 

This amazing treatment infuses more than 80 trace minerals that feed and nourish the skin! In addition, Celtic sea salts draw impurities up and out of the skin. The complete treatment includes • Dermaplaning to remove dead skin and vellus hair for better product penetration. • The application of Opti Resurfacing complex and the use of nanotechnology to infuse the product into the skin for maximum effectiveness. • The setting of the product (up to 20 minutes) This time is essential to allow the product to Adhere to the remaining dead skin cells on the surface. • The manual removal of the product. • The application of a lace mask soaked in the O2 serum • Finishing up with appropriate Post Treatment products The results…are amazing and the skin is glowing! The best part….is it prepares the skin for maximum product penetration for your homecare routine

90-120 min $165

Basic Facial 
Mascne 1 (Normal Skin) 
Mascne 2 (Acne & Rosacea)
A&R Follow- Up