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Massage Therapy 

We offer a variety of treatments, ranging from relaxation deep tissue to neuromuscular and therapeutic massage. Please see below for more in-depth descriptions and pricing options.

Massage Therapy Treatments 

Traditional Massage

For your complete relaxation, this massage combines light to pressure throughout and firmer movements in a targeted area of concern.


30min $50      45min $70     60min $90

75min $110    90min $125   2hr   $190

Princess Massage

2 Hour Treatment - 60-minute body massage with a 60-minute reflexology session.


2 hours $190.

Hot Stone Massage
Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique (ART) is a patented, state-of-the-art tissue system/movement-based massage technique that helps in treating problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. 


45 min $75

Prenatal Massage

Pampering for the sweet mother-to-be focused on relieving tension, reducing swelling, improving circulation and common discomforts associated with pregnancy.


60 min $95

* Must be out of first trimester.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Focused and specialized form of deep tissue massage with digital pressure and friction, used to release areas of strain in the muscle.


30 min $60        45min $80

60 min $100      90 min $135

Hot Stone

Direct heat application of the hot stones relaxes muscles. This allows for deep relaxation, increased blood flow, and reduced stress.


60 min $120

Bowen Therapy Massage

Application of pressure to the feet that corresponds with zones within the body.


 30 minutes $55    60 minutes $100

Assisted Stretch 
MyoKinesthetic Stretching
Couple's Massage
(30 min) $45  (60 min) $80
(30 min) $45
(60 min) $250


Services May Be Purchased In A Series Of Sessions To Receive A Discounted Rate. 

5- 60 min sessions              - traditional massage -            $440
7- 60 min sessions              - traditional massage -            $607
9- 60  min sessions             - traditional massage -            $755
11- 60 min sessions            - traditional massage -            $910
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