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I Knead you

I had my second massage from Kris yesterday, super awesome! She really works on my problem areas and gives me good directions on how to care for myself regarding my muscular problems. I can truly recommend her. I always use massage therapy to help me & I can certainly say that Kris is a professional and has a great touch! Sincerely, Amanda L.

Kris has an extraordinarily broad knowledge of the body and how it functions! Being a Physical Therapist Assistant, I have experienced a lot of hands on interventions. Kris combined several techniques to treat my ailments, and I left pain free. I was astounded by her intuitiveness to "troublesome" areas and her thoroughness in resolving potentially affected areas. Kris is not your average masseuse!

OMG ~ I was in pain and needed to book a massage quickly. Kris was not only responsive, but she was an excellent massage therapist. Do yourself a favor and book a session with her.

By KRanahan      
I have had 20 years of massages and have put Kris at the top of my list of practitioners! She has the inate ability to tune in to areas of distress and the ability to help release stress, strain or pain with ease! She has integrated a variety of techniques depending upon specific situations to help bring the body back into balance. I highly recommend you schedule a session with her today!!!

I am an avid crossfitter and had tweaked my left shoulder. I had been having a lot of pain and sleepless nights because of it. After my deep tissue/manipulation massage not only had the pain resolved but I was actually able to sleep through the entire night w/out waking up in pure agony. I would recommend Kris to any and everyone!! Kris is AWSOME!!!